Bart Nierzwicki , MD, DMD, PhD, FACS

Board-certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

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Referring doctors - eng

Referring doctors - eng


So I refer out to Millennium Surgical multiple things. I've referred a third molar impacted teeth, implants. I've had some patients that come in with some pathological lesions.

I sent my patients to Millennium Surgical because I trust Dr. Nierzwicki easy process of referring patients to his office.

Predominantly I refer out patients for wisdom tooth extractions, difficult extractions and implants.

I feel highly confident in Dr. Nierzwicki not only technique but his competency and I believe he's an excellent surgeon and he does take the time to talk to the patients.

Not only my wisdom teeth extractions, any extraction which I think is going to be even slightly complicated. I know he'll take care of it. So those, and pretty much my implant cases, anything surgical, all my biopsies, everything goes through Dr. Nierzwicki.

Nierzwicki I feel is a highly competent surgeon who does a very thorough job.

My end as the referring doctor as far as the interaction between him goes and also all my, all of my patients notice his, how should I say it... knowledge, a very gentle technique and excellent chairside manner.

When I'm going to send a complicated case, somebody I need to make sure that the doctor who is going to be treating them is going to be at the top of their game and Dr. Bart by far is at the top of his game.

I've been referring to Dr Nierzwicki ever since I started practicing, I honestly trust him.

I have been referring patients to Dr. Nierzwicki's clinic since the day it opened. My patients have always been treated with the utmost respect and were given the best care possible.

Pretty much glowing reviews of their procedures with him.

Patients are always very happy. I've always received very positive feedback about Dr Nierzwicki. That's one of the reasons why I referred to him.

Oh, they say very nice stuff and highly professional doctor.

Doctor Bart has an extreme spectrum of knowledge and not only that, but his chair side manner, every single patient that I referred to when they come back to my office and I ask for feedback, it's amazing how they say that his professionalism and his, just his experience that he has and the confidence that they have in him is just an amazing... it's always an amazing encounter that they have with him.